Problem with learning RF codes from Nice FLO2 remote transmitter (Broadlink RM4 Pro)

I’m using an old Nice Spider 6065/6100 system for opening garage doors and everything was working perfect but I’ve decided to automate things a bit and to make the whole system even better. So my idea was to buy Broadlink RM4 Pro universal remote and to learn the whole system all the required codes from an official 2 channel programmable code transmitter (433.92 Mhz) and finally to use Home Assistant to create all the required scripts and automation processes.

So first step was to load RF code (frequency and the code itself) into the HA system. That part was more or less straightforward but then when I’d tried to send it, simply nothing was happening.
I was near the receiver and I’ve noticed that red led light was blinking when after I press send command in HA but that was all.
Then I’ve realized something odd, if I press open button on the official transmitter and doors start opening, I can then send commands from HA, I have control, I can stop, I can start the doors and everything is working, however if I stop sending commands for more than 5 seconds I’m instantly losing control, in other words I have to press that open button on the official transmitter again in order to regain control on HA.

It seems to me like official transmitter is sending some additional codes to tell the system, hey you should now start listening for the commands.

Please anyone help me I’m getting really frustrated! :frowning_face:

Thank you

Current garage door openers use a rolling code so a Broadlink won’t work. I am not familiar with that brand nor whether it uses rolling codes but your description of it working immediately after using native remote makes it sound like that is a possibility.

Totally make sense, it’s a security feature that is used to prevent replay attacks.
Thank you @Stephenn for a quick response and clarification.

Is there any other way (hardware) that I can use to integrate my existing garage door opener with Home Assistant?

I just installed a Zooz Zen17 ZWave relay last week to replace a broken MyQ application and it is working great so far. I am doing it thru a Hubitat hub though. Any relay set up to create a temporary short across the wires of your remote should work. Search for “garage door relay” and then either "Zen17’ or “Zen16” and I bet you will find some threads about doing just that.

Thank you @Stephenn, I have found this one as well: Smart Garage Door Opener | Shelly 1 & Home Assistant - YouTube

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