Problem with light comonent hyperion on HA restart

Hi all,

I am running HassIO with latest HA 0.85.1 on a RPI3 and Hyperion on a separate one.

  - name: Ambilight
    platform: hyperion
    host: 192.168.x.x

When I start HA and Hyperion is running, all works perfect. I see my Ambilight in the WebGUI and can change the colors etc.

But when I (re)start HA and Hyperion is not running at this time, it’s not displayed in the GUI. When I then start Hyperion, I thought it would appear, but that is not the case.

I am also using the mediaplayer yamaha component. When I start HA and my yamaha receiver is not online, its displayed in the GUI but I cannot use it (makes sense). But when I start the receiver, after a few seconds its usable in HA.

    - name: Receiver
      platform: yamaha
      host: 192.168.x.y

I think the mediaplayer component, does some kind of polling until a device is available. That seems not to be the case for light components. Is that a bug or does it works as expected?

I checked the loaded components, “light” and “light.hyperion” are properly loaded in any case.

Thanks for any help/tips.