Problem with missing/not found Lovelace cards

Hello everyone,
I am having some issues with my configuration for lovelace cards. Sometimes HA finds them and sometimes it does not. And then Lovelace says “custom element doesn’t exist”.

I have in my configuration.yaml

lovelace: !include lovelace/lovelace.yaml

Then I have a folder /config/lovelace with the lovelace.yaml

mode: yaml
resources: !include resources.yaml

and resources.yaml

- url: lovelace/config-template-card.js
  type: module
- url: lovelace/apexcharts-card.js
  type: module
- url: lovelace/auto-entities.js
  type: module  

Am I missing something?


Is a www folder mandatory even though it is not being used?
Is it maybe a problem if everything is in the same folder? Or is my syntax wrong because the files are in the same folder?