Problem with MQTT to Ulanzi Clock / Awtrix 3

Good morning,

after several tries I have no clue anymore what I´m doing wrong. I got a new Ulanzi TC001 clock. Flashed it with Awtrix 3.

I installed the Mosquito Broker Addon in Home Assistant, added a new user for this. Added the MQTT integration. Added the MQTT Broker details in the Ulanzi Clock/Awtrix 3.

The device is found in the MQTT integration, I can e.g. switch it on/off, change transitions etc

What is absolutely not working, is to send an MQTT notify to the Ulanzi. it seems it just doesn’t receive it, nothing happens on the display.

Would really appreciate if somebody could help.

Thx in advance

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HI everybody, same issue here. Ulanzi TC001 is not even detected in Home assistant. Somebody with an idea?

Thanks and regards


Hi, i have the same problem. I created a mqtt user in HASS, wrote the credentials into my awtrix web-UI. In MQTT i can see the device, but if want to create an automation i cannot select the device… :frowning:

Edit: So now i see the device! I just restarted Homeassistant and waitet for an hour or so…

I have exactly the same problem. The clock is recognized and can be switched on and off. However notifications are not possible. Anyone got a solution already? T