Problem with mySensors Temperature and Humidity

I have built a configuration as follows:
mySensor temperature and humidity sensor (x2) -> mySensor mqtt gateway -> mqtt Broker ->
mysensor mqtt gateway & mqtt broker are installed on raspberry#1 is installed on raspberry#2 with mqtt integration setup from the UI and mysensor configuration setup in the configuration.yaml file
The sensor are correctly displayed on my Home assistant UI : image
Data is correct and is updated on a regular basis.

My problem is that the sensor are not listed in the configuration > Devices screen nor in the Configuration > entity register.
However I can reach the sensors from the Developers > State > Entity UI.

So as one could say no real issue here, only the feeling that some bits are not perfectly configured.
Main annoyance is that I cannot find a way to give a friendly name tu my sensors, and the general feeling that everything can fall apart at any time :wink:

Is that a common issue to have some sensor on the UI and in the developer tools but NOT on the devices/entities listings?
Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for your support.

Relax. Everything is fine - if you manually defined the mqtt sensors in yaml rather than using discovery then the entity registry is not used. Many people regard this as a good thing.

You can use manual customization to to set a friendly name. Bottom of this page:

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Thanks @tom_l for this explanation. I’ll take it into account and continue to explore all the options.