Problem with Nibe uplink component in sensor.yaml

I’m having problems using Nibe Uplink component with F1125 heatpump. I used to have its configuration in configuration.yaml and I was able to get all the sensor information, tens of sensors. Then, I did configuration splitting and moved it into sensor.yaml with following config (end of line bold number showing indentation, they are not in actual config file, list marks are - in sensor.yaml, this board changes to list marks)

  • platform: nibe 0
    systems: 2
    • system: 37xxx 2
      units: 2
    • unit: 0 2
      categories: True 4

Now I get only basin information, that is, whether pump is on or off, current water tempearature and target range for water temperature. What I’m missing here? Other sensors in sensor.yaml work, so file itself is executed. Rest of the sensors before and after -platform: nibe section work.

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