Problem with node red

Hello everyone

I need to send a command that includes a payload

command example:


assuming payload is 20

how would the code be?

I’ve tried this and a thousand other things but nothing… it doesn’t work

{“cmd”:“air.sldaire.val=” payload}

Thank you very much in advance

What do you have now?
A guess could be msg.payload, but its hard to say, since we do not know if it in a call service node, a function node or something else.

Hello, sorry for not being more explicit
is a “send command” service call from a nextion screen

with this syntax it works :
{“cmd”:“aire.sldaire.val=20” }


{“cmd”:“aire.sldaire.val”= msg.payload}
{“cmd”:“aire.sldaire.val”= payload}

it does not work

Captura de pantalla 2022-04-03 060547

{“cmd”:“aire.sldaire.val=” payload}
{“cmd”:“aire.sldaire.val=” msg.payload}

it does not work


I always do a test to get 20 per payload


any idea of syntax ?

I’ve already got it to work

using a template node

I leave my solution in case someone can help

and thank you all very much


Inside the call-service node

{ "cmd": "air.sldaire.val=" & payload }

Thank you very much for answering, I know something new