Problem with notifications / local push disabled

Since 1 or 2 weeks I’m experiencing problems with push notifications. From one minute to the other, they just stop working on one of my iPhones. I push messages to various iOS devices when somebody is at the front door. All other devices work fine, but one iPhone is experiencing those problems with a sudden failure of the push notifications.

When I looked into the app, I noticed that under notifications it says “Local push - disabled”. Which is strange, because I enabled local push under the Internal URL. Disabling and re-enabling doen’t change the status of local push. I have the suspicion that this is somehow linked to the problem with the push notifications. Does someone have an idea what is going on? Never had these problems with push notifications before. And I’m a heavy user of push notifications for at least a year now.

Thanks and regards!

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Are you connected via internal URL?

Yes, I’m connected via Internal URL.

Please give 2021.8 a try, which you can update manually to on the App Store. If there is an issue with Local Push preventing notifications, I believe this release fixes it. If it does not, it’s possible Local Push and possibly something else. Local Push being disabled may be resolved by restarting the device, it is a bit troublesome on the OS side of things.

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Ok. Just updated the app. Let’s wait and see if the push notifications are working consistently now. Thanks for the help!

I´ve had the same problem and it sometimes works and sometimes it doesnt work.
Sometimes the app recieves the notice but it doesnt show up in my phone.
I think this problem started for about a month ago.

I dont know how to log this to figure out whats wrong.

My version is 2021.8

Can you describe exactly what is happening? Resurrecting a random thread is not super helpful - I don’t know what part of this thread got your attention. Look in your HA logs, see if you’ve got any errors, it should error if Firebase returns an error message for non-local notifications.

I have the exact same problem as ffm77. Thats why I decided to write in this thread.
The app recieves the notification and I can see in the app under notifications/debug that the notice has been recieved and delivered but it doesnt show up in the phone.
After a restart of my phone it works for at few days.

No errors in logs. So it might be a phone issue?
I have had a working system for years before this.

Sorry for my bad english…

Are you referring to the rate limits “delivered” count? If so, this is a different issue as it isn’t going over local push.

What kind of notifications aren’t working here, all? Those with attachments? Those with actions?


I´m only using notifications without action or attachments and all of my messages drops.
I´m starting a new thread with my problem then…

I’m on newest companion release but local push ist only working on ipad, not on any family iPhones. Behavior like in this thread. Debug settings show “local push not active”.

Compared to ipad: same ssid, same settings, same… All devices on 15.1

Devices already rebooted, URLs and settings deleted and readded.

Any ideas?