Problem with Qubino power metering

Since changing to the new entity ids the power meteting is not working as it should. For the 2 relay devices there is three sensors for power.
sensor.name_power, sensor.name_power_2 and sensor.name_power_3. The first one is working as should but the others is only showing 0.0.
For the 1 relay devices there is one power sensor and it is always showing 0.0. What could be wrong?

Have the same issue. Could you solve the problem?
Do you also see some spikes peaking at > 1.000.000 Watt?

I still have this issue. I also see some abnormal readings (spikes) in previous reading.

Same here. Anyone a solution by now?

Anyone contact Qubino? I have a similar issue, Qubino says that HA doesn’t update the device status properly (data is sent to the controller, but for some reason HA doesn’t interpret the message and update its self correctly).
I have a 0-10v dimmer, that when you manually dim, doesn’t appear to send new value to HA.
Qubino suggest polling to fix… haven’t tried that yet as I hear that can cause other latency issues on the whole network if not very careful.

Should we put in an issue/bug report?