Problem with Raspbee + Deconz + Keen

I have strange problem - I bought raspbee + raspberry 3 b+.

Installed HASS and deconz plugin by marthoc

Updated config and settings - and was able to connect Keen.home vents to deconz via web ui - as lights. Everything worked until reboot. After reboot - I unable to control anything - sliders on light doing nothing with vents.

VNC’ing into Deconz - showing mesh as active and devices visible - if open ‘Signal Monitor Plugin’ for specific vent - and click start/stop - after it - vents start working again inside webui and inside home assistant.
Another reboot - and it stops working. Only way to may it work - reset and add as new devices or use VNC + Signal Plugin

Any ideas ?

p.s. I use latest versions of everything

… same behavior with conbee usb key :frowning: - stop working after reboot.

Did you ever find a solution to this?