Problem with remote InfluxDB sensor


I have InfluxDB Add-on, and few InluxDB sensors, which work correctly.

I also have InfluxDB running on another machine, and would like to create sensors querying remote InfluxDB
Database has 180 day retention policy, and DB is shown as “ruuvi.180d” in Chronograf.
When adding this to my configuration:

  - platform: influxdb
    username: ruuviuser
    password: password
      -  name: query_test
         unit_of_measurement: V
         value_template: '{{ value | round(1) }}'
         group_function: mean
         where: '"name" = ''tag1'''
         measurement: '"ruuvi_measurements"'
         field: batteryVoltage
         database: ruuvi

Query itself is ok, but when adding it to HA configuration, I get this error to log:

“Database host is not accessible due to ‘retention policy not found: autogen’, please check your entries in the configuration file and that the database exists and is READ/WRITE”

Is it possible to use InluxDB sensor using database which does not use autogen policy?
Tried to use “ruuvi.180d” as database name in HA config, did not help.