Problem with Scenes and Philips Hue

Hey there,

i have a little problem and i don´t know how to fix it.

Shortly i bought a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle, finished a Firmware Update and added all my lights (Philips Hue) to Z2MQTT.

The lights are working very good and i can switch them on / off without any problems.
So far, so good, now i want to create some themes for my rooms. For example: I tried to add a scene for my office directly in Home Assistant and i added 3 lights to the scene who are based in my office. I set the brightness to 80% for all that 3 lights and saved the Scene. When i go back to the overview of my scenes and go back to the “Office-Scene”, all lights are turned off. I don´t know why, but they are not saving the brightness of 80% i set before. The office was just an example, it is not working for all of my rooms.

Do you have an idea what to do? The scenes.yaml is looking fine and the state is “on” for all lights.

Thank you in advance!

Good day, I’ve just been through a similar scenario where I tried several options from home assistant and the only way i was able to reliably address the issue was to create the scenes directly in z2mqtt.

I first tried what you tried. What would happen is that in a place where I have 4 lights, maybe 3 would comply and 1 would not turn on or would lag.

Then i tried to do scripts, it was a similar issue.

I believe the problem is associated with the amount of zigbee traffic generated when you try to command several lights at once.

By creating a scene in z2mqtt you only need to send 1 command for the group and it works.