Problem with setting groups


I’m quite new to Home Assistant experience and just have started to get a grip on automation but I have problem with setting groups (probably quite trivial) but stopping me from developing further my home automation.

I’ve tried everythin and no matter what I put in groups.yaml it doesnt seem to affact the interface. Even below simple, sample code doesnt seem to work. Does anybody have any idea what can be reason for it and how to fix it?

    name: Hallway
      - binary_sensor.door_window_sensor_158d0002781cea
      - light.gateway_light_7c49eb1c1ca7

Hi JozMar,
What exactly are you trying to do? As I see from your code above, you are only joining 2 entities in a group called Hallway. That still does not do anything… it is just the definition of the group. The group status will depend on the status of the entities:

to get the group to show up in the lovelace UI (or even in the old states-UI) you need to add the group to a card or badge that you define thru either the UI editor or in yaml.