Problem with setting up HomeSlide

Hey, so this might not be the right place for this but I can’t really find any good forums for the HomeSlide app. I’m having problem connecting to my home assistant server via this app. I have tried writing in my external URL manually as well as my home assistant server comes up when the HomeSlide app finds it on my network but when I try to connect to it. But my portforwarding doesn’t work on the app. It just takes me to my routers log in page. The portforwad settings I’ve done works perfectly on the official home assistant android app etc.

Anyone got any ideas?

I had a similar problem setting up homeslide but using nabu casa (not port forwarding to my home router) Turns out the external URL was wrong in config → general. It had trailing lovelace path on it. I removed that and I could setup homeslide.

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