Problem with Sonos Home Assistant 0.113.2

Hi everyone, I’m new to Home assistant coming over from Openhab. I have an Ikea sonos compatible speakers that I’m trying to integrate. I can get TTS to communicate no problem, pause, play, volume up, down, etc but I cannot change the source. I’ve read all of the articles I could find on it and I’m just striking out. I’m running out of a docker image and I just upgraded to the newest version. I noticed that the Sonos_source service is no longer there per some of the articles I read so I’ve been trying to use media_player.select_source for this but I’m getting nowhere fast. These are the lines I’m using in developer tools but it’s not working.


if I check the logs this is the error I see. TypeError: this.shadowRoot.querySelector(…) is null

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey Chris,

same setup here. You need to add your sources to “my sonos” in the app for them to show up. You can check this in Developer Tools -> States, enter media_player.basement as the entity and have a look if the sources show up. (as source_list(map))

Also make sure the spelling is correct, the source is case-sensitive!*

If that works, try selecting the source from a media player card in Lovelace (the 3 dots - source)

Just checked with my setup, the service call works (again, check the case-sensitive spelling)

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Hey fedot,

Thanks for the response. Funny enough middle of the night I wound up removing and readding the sonos integration and suddenly the sources started showing up. go figure. Thanks anyway.