Problem with startup and wink

I keep getting the following error when starting HASS:

INFO:homeassistant.util.package:Attempting install of pubnubsub-handler==0.0.7

Then this shows up in the logs:
homeassistant.bootstrap: Not initializing wink because could not install dependency pubnubsub-handler==0.0.7

Please include your install method and platform; they’ll be vital in figuring out your issue.

Oh sorry, I should have included that. It’s installed on a raspberry pi 3 using the VirtualEnv Linux install method. Thanks.

Having the same problem. Unable to install pubnubsub-handler 0.0.7, and it looks like it was updated to 1.0.0 recently. Hopefully home assistant just needs to use the updated one?

Raspberry Pi 2 with latest Raspbian using manual venv method.

Confirmed that pubnubsub-handler just needs to be bumped to 1.0.0. Looks like it will be fixed by this PR: