Problem with sunset calculation in Pacific timezone

I set up a simple test app for “run_at_sunset”. I loaded this into AppDaemon at 4pm PST on 3/1 expecting the callbacks to show up for about 6pm PST. Instead they showed up for the following day 3/2 at 6pm PST (the correct time but for tomorrow, rather than today). See the attached image.

I’m guessing this is something to do with timezones. Mine are set as “America/Los_Angeles”.

More info:
At the execution of the testapp, 2 of the 3 functions behaved as expected. The at_sunset and after_sunset (offest of +10mins) triggered at the correct and then reset for the following day March 3rd at the correct times.

However, the before_sunset callback (with an offset of -10mins) triggered at the correct time, but then reset to 2 days hence (March 4th).