Problem with Switchbot integration

I’m trying to setup Switchbot bot S1 without the hub with the below setup with no luck.
I can see new switchbot entity and can add it to the UI but after pressing the button nothing happens:

Anyone configured it successfully?


  - platform: switchbot
    name: 'Switchbot 1'
    mac: 'D1:41:45:XX:XX:XX'

HA version

Home Assistant OS 5.12

what hardware is Home Assistant running on? Does it have bluetooth and is it very close to home assistant as a test? Are you 100% sure the Mac is correct

here is my code same as yours.

  - platform: switchbot
    mac: 'F1:B1:B9:xx:xx:xx'
    name: dish_washer
  - platform: switchbot    
    mac: 'E5:18:62:xx:xx:xx'
    name: washing_machine

Mac is ok, I’m using Raspberry Pi 4 B and Switchbot is around 1m from the Pi.

I’m having a similar issue. Have to gotten it to work?

I have give up finally.

Mine started working again with the latest updates.

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