Problem with the requested skill's response

I have the DIY Alexa integration with HA, which normally works fine. I have set up the actionable Alexa skill to alert me when it’s 2 minutes before the news starts, to then ask me if she wants me to change the TV to live TV on BBC1.
Running PFSense with HAProxy…
Half the time the routine will fire as designed, the other half I get told by Alexa/Echo that “there was a problem with the requested skill’s response”. I don’t change anything in between, it just sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn’t. It seems random, in a way, but it’s definitely intermittent.
I’m not sure if the requested skill is the actionable part, or the automation that’s supposed to run if I answer ‘Yes’ to her question about changing to the news.

Also not sure where to look in order to pinpoint the issue. I do know that sometimes, when the whole thing fails, I get a login error from the WAN side of PF Sense. Still, a next time, without even changing anything, things will work as I intend them to.

A test of the lambda function in AWS works intermittent as well. It either discovers or times out.
In HAProxy/PFSense I can not find anyhing that points me towards a solution.

Anyone else have any experience with this? And, preferably, ideas on how to fix it?