Problem with Tuya TS0601 - Overview information is not updating

So I’m quite new to this home automation thingy so please excuse me if I’m missing something obvious.
I installed smart radiator valve Tuya TS0601 on my radiator and onboarded it into Home Assistant.
In the Overview dashboard I can control the thermostat target temperature and I can also see the current measured temperature by the Tuya TRV.

The problem is that the Sensors for the Valve state always shows “Open” - even when the target temperature is way below the current measured temperature. The valve Position sensor also permanently stays at 25% (means it’s 25% opened; 0% means completely closed).

I think there is some problem with the Valve State and Valve Position sensors because they seem to be stuck regardless of what I configure as target temperature.
The valve itself seems to be physically closing because when the target temp is reached - the radiator starts to cool down, meaning that the TRV is doing what it’s supposed to do. But the Home Assistant dashboard sensor doesn’t reflect that.

See screenshots:

Any suggestions?