Problem with "vacuum.send_command" & "app_goto_point" service

So I want to make my vacuum goto a point.

I manage to send it away using the dev tool by sending the following json:
{ “entity_id”: “vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum_cleaner”,“command”: “app_goto_target”,“params”: [20500, 25000]}

I want it do so by a picture element as follows:

        - type: icon
          icon: mdi:bell-ring
            action: call-service
            service: vacuum.send_command
                entity_id: vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum_cleaner
                command: app_goto_target
                params: [20500,25000]
            top: 85%
            left: 80%
            color: '#3090C7'

But when pressing the element I get this error:
“required key not provided @ data[‘command’]”

It’s surely some syntax error on my part but cant figure out what I’ve done wrong.
Appreciate any help.

I’ve not tried it, but it looks like you should be be using service_data instead of data according to the Picture Elements Card

Yep, you want service_data. Here’s my config that does something similar:

  - type: entity-button
      action: call-service
      service: vacuum.send_command
        command: app_goto_target
          - 19250
          - 25950
      action: more-info
    show_icon: true
    show_name: true
    entity: vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum_cleaner
    name: Go to garbage
    icon: 'mdi:delete'