Problem with ZHA network visualization

That’s promising. I hope that Hue and more vendors make their firmware repositories available. BTW, on that front, it sure seems like it would be more secure to pull the firmware OTA images directly from source vendor web repositories. I’m am still trying to understand if the firmware OTA images have any authenticity wrapper or method around them…

Well, it seems the the linkage doesn’t appear in the Z2M map either, so I guess it is an Aqara problem after all…I do see LQI measures though.

Not to ruin your zigbee journey, but after some pretty extensive experimenting with zigbee (of more flavors that I will admit too ), wifi, and bluetooth. Bluetooth with the right collector device is the way to go for temperature and humidity sensing around the house in and out at low cost and high relibility.

For OTA firmware update with ZHA look here

Probably a ConBee problem in conjunction with Aqara see link I provided before (sorry long post!)

Why? Compatibility / Reliability?
I just started to experiment for my future house to be built. So I would be interested to know why you choose Bluetooth that seems just entering the world of IOT? Did you experiment with z-wave?
Did you try any on/off - dimmer modules in any of these technologies ? …

And just like that - the Aqara sensor decides it wants to show its linkage:

Good news. Interesting and I am sure frustrating to some level.

I have been reading the info in this post below by @Dueller . There is a custom component called ‘zha-map’ by one of the main contributors to ZHA @Adminiuga . I am still not really sure I understand what the purpose of this tool is, but in reading some of the issues around it and looking into the code, it appears it might do some ‘clean’ up on the zha network that perhaps currently is not done by the built in ZHA tools. Might be worth a read.

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Will take a look. Cheers @dproffer.

From what I understand ZHA scan the network for neighbors every four to five hours. It is planned to add, in a future release, a service call like the zha_map.scan_now to ZHA to force an immediate scan. Meanwhile if you want to force more frequent scans you can add this to configuration.yaml file

    topology_scan_period: 20 # set the scan interval to 20 mn

according to @Samantha (developer of Zigzag) interval value should not be less than 20

Normally zha-map is not used anymore by any of the “new” visualization tools (including Zigzag). So apart from may be waking-up some sleepy devices it should not make any differences.

Currently, in my tiny test network, all my Aqara devices are correctly linked to either the ConBee II coordinator or to my two Philips Hue routers.

Small typo :slight_smile:
Best, JR

Yes you’re right!
Corrected :slight_smile:

You don’t need zha-map anymore with the latest (2020.12.x and newer) releases, which have either built in one, or the pretty one - ZigZag from Samanha.
There’s no “scan now” service ATM, instead users are urged to practice patience till next scheduled network scan, which occurs either 3 or 4 hours, don’t remember exactly.

Thanks for the info and update. The repository did seem ‘dated’. Yes patience, I like to toss my unattached devices around the ZHA Visualization while waiting for them to ‘connect’ with a ‘pal’ :wink:

Zigbee2MQTT sounds like it has benefits that ZHA does not - stability and OTA firmware update capability.

Is it possible to run both ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT?

If not, what system changes would I have to make to switch to Zigbee2MQTT?
I’ve got a Sonoff Zigby Bridge running with Tasmota firmware.

On another related topic, I just updated HA to:

The first thing I notice is that in the ZHA Visualization map, Zigbee device addresses are reported in hex again. :+1:

Not on the same coordinator device and therefor not on the same Zigbee network.

Pretty sure the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Tasmoto’ed or not is NOT supported as coordinator by Zigbee2MQTT.

What are people using for a Zigbee coordinator, with Zigbee2MQTT?

Thanks. All these appear to be host-controlled devices, rather than a stand alone coordinator.

I believe that the Sonoff Zigbee unit is about the only ‘open’ device I’ve seen that is not USB or direct bus connected to a host CPU. And the experts do not think that the wifi tcp socket connection that is used between the Sonoff Zigbee bridge and the host CPU is reliable.

And, we’re back: