Problema with resources of tankerkoenig card

Hey guys,

i really new to homeassistant and i really love it. Actually iam trying to create my first lovelace dashboard. Everything works fine with one exception. The tankerkoenig third party card :frowning:

i did everything that he explained on the github site. but it always tells me that the tankerkoenig card doesnt exist and i dont know why. i have read so many thinks and at the beginning i was honestlxy a little bit confused about all the possibilities of configuration. I am thnking of the manual or graphical configuration.

Can somebody tell me what the beste way for the actual version of homeassistant is and why i have always this error?

The file is in the www folder, added the resources and so. tried manual and graphical but nothing worked.

Thank you so much!

I had that very same issue because I did not properly added the resource for the dashboard. That is the only place I could think of. Can you post a screenshot of the configuration of the resource?

Thanks a lot! I worked for me like you did