Problematic removal of views and entities from the Lovelace desktop

On the HomeAssistant’s Lovelace desktop, we add a new view (eg Lighting). Select the “Lighting” entity and configure it. We add 3 lights to the entity and save the changes.

A new view and a new entity have been added to the desktop. In theory, everything is OK. However, we do not like the added entity, we want to remove it and add another (e.g. buttons that will activate lights).

Well, we have a problem. The added entity cannot be removed from the HomeAssistant interface. The added entity cannot be deleted. The menu with the options “Delete”, “Move” is not available. He’s not here! When adding a button to a view as a second entity, it is added correctly. An edit button, a menu with the options Delete, Move etc is available in this case.

A similarly created new view cannot be deleted. There is also no button for removing the view. And yet each of us tests, tests and tests. :slight_smile: Create, add, edit, delete - for desktops, views, entities etc, these are the options you need. Personally, I want to be able to delete any entities and views easily from the interface. There is a problem with that now.

Deleting actual entities, can occasionally, be an issue - especially with integrations that aren’t in core. However, removing entities, views, cards etc. from user confgured lovelace dashboards is really easy. Can you provide more information?

Unfortunately, it happens that the generated card (e.g. lighting) in the desktop editing mode does not have a menu with the Delete option. There is also no Edit button. Yes, in this case the YAML Configuration Editor and the removal of the card remain. This can be embarrassing for a beginner. It is better to have the Delete, Edit option available for all tabs in edit view mode. Also for the view itself, it will be useful to add the Delete and Edit options. Let the YAML configuration editor remain an additional solution.