Problems after power failure

I had a power failure and after that the z-wave network failed to load. After a few reboots it is up partially. Many devices are still not functioning.

I use aeotec z-stick with hassos on nuc in a proxmox vm.

Any suggestions?

This exact thing happened to me a couple weeks ago, but it was only two devices that had an issue. I had to resort to resetting them and re-adding them to the network. If there’s an easier way that doesn’t involve resetting them, I’d love to know.

The problem is that sometimes a “power failure” isn’t a complete power on-power off situation. it could have been a power flicker then a complete loss. And some devices get reset to factory defaults by cycling power on&off a few times within a few seconds. Which could easily happen during a “brown out”.

I’m not saying that’s what happened but it is a reasonable explanation.

U are actually saying it can just happen like that?

Since this situation can happen from time to time,

  1. What can be done to prevent situations like this?
  2. How can I make my network more resilience?
  3. Are there any tools to manage my network, like backup and restore?

Obviously, I can’t say for sure that’s what happened to your devices but it’s possible.

I remember something similar happening to me a long while back. I put a smart bulb into a lamp and my wife forgot that I had done it. So when she went to turn on the lamp with the switch it didn’t come on (the switch power to the bulb was already on so she had actually turned the bulb off) so she unthinkingly flipped the switch a few times which caused the bulb to factory reset and un-pair itself from the controller.

The same thing happened at another point when I was having an electrical issue with another device. I don’t remember the details but I remember seeing the device turn on & off rapidly while I was messing with a loose wire and after that I realized it had been reset to factory defaults.

as far as making things more resilient I’m not sure there is a good answer to that specific situation. Aside from getting some type of UPS to stabilize the power to the devices (which I’m sure isn’t possible as most devices are dispersed thru the system) then you are kind of at the whim of the electricity provider.

You can back up the Aeotec stick itself (see their website for a link to the software) but that doesn’t help with the devices paired to it.

Install a UPS system into your home and attach it to your electrical with an ATS and backup diesel/petrol/gasoline generator, would be the best way but it’s quite expensive :wink:

Or a Tesla Powerwall. Would only cost me about $14k /s

Well you’d only need 1 power wall if you had a backup gen, just need enough time for the gen to start and get up to speed to handle the load :wink:

Hi all,
After a few power failures and lots of problems after that, I decided to buy a ups.

I have in my network:

  1. nuc proxmox with a few vm’s, one of them is hassos
  2. Qnap nas ts-251
  3. Modem router
  4. A couple of eight port switch

I need a recommendation for a setup and a ups model that can handle an auto shutdown of the vm’s, proxmox and the nas.

I need a small ups that can fit into my small network wall mounted closet.

I searched google for almost a week, but couldn’t find a full and detailed answer.

Something like this should work out for you.

Is this model compatible with all my devices and can do both auto shutdown and auto reboot when power is back?

How do i setup it to do auto shutdown my nas, vm’s and proxmox?
How do i setup it to do auto startup when power is back?

That is a software thing not hardware.

You could use NUT to accomplish this.

Usually there’s a BIOS setting to power machines back on once power’s restored, you’ll have to check your manuals.