Problems after update to 2023.9.2

I’m running HA on RaspPi 4 8GB with a SSD (120GB). It has been running flawlessly for some years now.
Today I saw that there was a new update for the OS. I updated yesterday to 2023.9.1, and made the update to 2023.9.2 this morning from work.

But it was slow, dead slow! And when HA was started I can’t access almost anything.
I can see that there is a lot of problems with the services, among them the Supervisor.
Can’t access logs. Is my only option to first try a power off when I get home and if that does not work.
If that also fails put a new image on and restore a backup.
At the summer cottage I had no problems updating it. Almost the same setup.

Anything in your logs?

Can’t acess them!

Now I can’t access HA at all, either direct nor with nabu casa…

Seems really f-ck-d up…

I can access Telldus cloud and unifi controller…

can you access the cli using ssh?

There aren’t any release notes for it either

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Nope, not from work!
And I don’t think I 've enabled it.

I do have a full backup from sunday, and a core backup from yesterday.
The full backup is 54MB and the core is 43MB.
I will try the full backup when I arrive at home. It seems like an easy process.
But my biggest worry is the Z2M…

To be clear, you’ve tried to connect at home (i.e. locally) as well? …and nothing works (eg: switches)?

…I had a problem recently (with a new RPi) where my router was remotely updated and restarted. As a result my RPi fell off the network and was unable to reconnect. HA was still running but couldn’t connect to anything and the router was unable to “re”-recognise it. A hard reset of the RPi fixed it (and now my Pi is connected via a switch to keep it’s port alive).

If you can SSH in, you should be able to get at the logs.

No, I have not tried it at home. Will do that this evening.
There will be a hard boot (power off on) before doing anything and fingers crossed.
I just want to be prepared! I’m assembling a Kamado Bon bbq yesterday :smiley: so I actually want spend time with that. But if the lights does not work, my daughter gonna play hang man. With me…

There are now:

Blog - Release Notes - 2023.9.2 - September 12

For future reference, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, where a patch is released but its notes aren’t yet available in the Blog’s Release Notes section, you can always find them in Home Assistant’s GitHub Core repository (because that’s where software development is managed).

I don’t see anything there that directly affects my installation.

Always good to try a shutdown - power off - power on

What are the differences?

best of luck.

the question I mostly have is, do you update when you are not at home?
I never do so.

Also I make sure I always have ssh enabled and I’d recommend a daily backup.
if Z2M works anything like ZHA, you can just restore the backup and devices know based on channel etc. how to connect, no need for reconnecting everyting

Taping on the Phone now, so excuse some auto spelling in swedish…
Well, access home from unifi cloud stopped, and from telldus around 4 pm local time. The daughter was pissade that she could not watch programs o n the pad.

I dont know what happened with my network, Button it is uå and running. But thats not the case with HA.
Right now im träning to Flash the ssd.
Been 43% for a while now.

Resterande the flashig.
54% in halv a minuten.

So these buttons were bound to the lights (and not controlled via HA)?

Sorry to hear that. Were you unable to SSH in and get the logs?


The flashig seems to get stuck at 43%…
I think I Will mount the bbg while waiting…

Looken in my closet.
A unused hdd case and a brand new driver:D

As I remember now I bought a lot of them.
If flashiing stucs again, I Will try this.

Chansen the ssd and case with innerfack!
It was flashdiskar in halv a minuten!!

It is resterande!! :smile:

Fingers crossed! :smile: