Problems configuring DuckDNS after a rebuild


I’ve had a few problems trying to do a rebuild. I tried to restore from google backup after reinstalling Hassio but each time I try it prevents the webUI from loading.
I decided to rebuild my environment from the ground up reinstalling each add-on and configuring it from fresh… painful process.
The main problem I have encountered is trying to configure DuckDNS. I have my domain set up and the config looks as follows:

  accept_terms: true
  certfile: fullchain.pem
  keyfile: privkey.pem
token: my-token-id-value
seconds: 300

This issue occurs when I try to add my http details to configuration.yaml. As soon as I try to restart the box after adding these values the webUI won’t load. Fortunately I can remove the values via winSCP but I just can’t figure out what the problem is with them. I’ve checked in the ssl directory and both pem files are in there. The domain name appears to match what I set up on duckDNS (as does the token).

  # base_url:
  # ssl_certificate: /ssl/fullchain.pem
  # ssl_key: /ssl/privkey.pem

If I uncomment All or just 1 of the 3 values I get the problem with the webUI failing to load. The homeassistant.log doesn’t show anything to indicate a problem. The duckDNS log is as follows:

# INFO: Using main config file /data/workdir/config
+ Account already registered!
[14:45:56] INFO: OK
# INFO: Using main config file /data/workdir/config
 + Checking domain name(s) of existing cert... unchanged.
 + Checking expire date of existing cert...
 + Valid till Jun 20 19:13:00 2020 GMT Certificate will not expire
(Longer than 30 days). Skipping renew!
[14:51:12] INFO: OK
[14:56:13] INFO: OK

Anyone got any ideas? Is there a more detail log hidden somewhere that might give me a better insight into the problem?

Thanks in advance

Make sure you’re including https:// in your base URL. Also, once you set up SSL and a base URL, you need to access Home Assistant locally over https:// too. If that’s the issue, add your http: config back and try accessing your frontend using https://.

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Or just don’t specify any in your configuration.yaml and let nginx deal with internal/external addressing, see DuckDNS - It's not just me - it's you!

Thanks, working now :+1: