Problems in reinstalling Home Assistant

today I decided to reinstall Home Assistant on my RPi 4, the presentation page comes up just fine, but the installation doesn’t start and I can see this warning repeating endlessly:

21-02-02 15:36:28 WARNING (MainThread) [] 'Updater.fetch_data' blocked from execution, no supervisor internet connection
21-02-02 15:36:28 WARNING (MainThread) [supervisor.homeassistant.core] Error on Home Assistant installation. Retry in 30sec

By looking at the timestamps, I noticed that the date is not correct. Can this be the cause of the issues that prevent the my RPi 4 from accessing the internet? How can I fix this?

If you were wondering, today I was going to replace the SD Card, so I was able to reinsert the old one and now I’m back online. I still need to find a solution to my problem, though.