Problems installing HA

Same problem on my setup.

I tried changing the IP address of HA, without success. After updating to the two latest versions (Supervisor and Core), a connection could no longer be established through the port.

HA runs on a VirtualBox on a Windows NUC.

Not tried yet because I could only restore using VirtualBox and the CLI and I didn’t want to try that first (mini display, no keyboard, only via Remote Desktop, just to say… its a difficult setting :D)… and because when restoring, something can also be “broken” or go wrong…

If nothing comes up here, this will of course be the next option.

My hope is more of a fix in the next version, yes I have to do that via the console too… but it’s just a simple command.

I also have an error in the log (but I don’t really get the log from the session, the reason is the VirtualBox here too) about an entity, an air conditioning system… but of course I can’t say whether that’s the reason.

Honestly Please open you Own Topic, there is no indications that your Issues is the same or even related, You are just Hijacking OP’s Topic, and makes it a Soup , beside you have not posted any logs etc.

Please Open Your own Topic, and post logs, and detail description upon what you have done and found so far.

It’s definitely not a good way to jump in on others Topic, when he/she hasn’t solved the issue, And im pretty sure you Issue is Not caused by the same !

You must have some telepathic talent, @boheme61… :stuck_out_tongue:

All that I see are the two OP posts and yours… :rofl:

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Yeah i did removed my post, as it was posted in another Topic, but then i reverted, might as well let the commend stay, as it doesn’t belong to to other Topic

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