Problems installing HomeConnect integration


everytime i try to add the HomeConnect integration i get the following error
“Die Komponente ist nicht konfiguriert. Bitte der Dokumentation folgen”
should be something like
“Component not configured, please check the documentation”
but i cant find anything about such en error in the documentation for the installation of an integration

Same here.

If I configure it via YAML I get a notification:
"Invalid config

The following integrations and platforms could not be set up:

  • homeconnect

Please check your config and [logs]."

and in the logs:
“Setup failed for homeconnect: Integration not found.”

I’m not aware of having changed anything in that regards…

Did you find any solution so far?

Solution for me was to update configuration.yaml as described here Home Connect - Home Assistant

Then after restarting the server I tried to add HomeConnect again and the error message was still here, but firefox fired up message about blocked pop-up window.

When I allowed the pop-up window the HomeConnect api window with login loaded and after login I were able to add my device to the HA.

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Thank you that solved my issues