Problems installing unifi addon

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I just installed it succesfully to my pi3b+
Then i installed pihole addon
Then i want to install the unifi addon so i can enter the pi’s ip adress
When launching unifi i get this error

cont-init.d] exited 0.
[cont-init.d] executing…
[cont-init.d] exited 0.
[cont-init.d] executing…
[17:10:10] FATAL:
[17:10:10] FATAL: SSL has been enabled using the ‘ssl’ option,
[17:10:10] FATAL: this requires a SSL certificate file which is
[17:10:10] FATAL: configured using the ‘certfile’ option in the
[17:10:10] FATAL: add-on configuration.
[17:10:10] FATAL:
[17:10:10] FATAL: Unfortunately, the file specified in the
[17:10:10] FATAL: ‘certfile’ option does not exists.
[17:10:10] FATAL:
[17:10:10] FATAL: Please ensure the certificate file exists and
[17:10:10] FATAL: is placed in the ‘/ssl/’ directory.
[17:10:10] FATAL:
[17:10:10] FATAL: In case you don’t have SSL yet, consider getting
[17:10:10] FATAL: a SSL certificate or setting the ‘ssl’ option
[17:10:10] FATAL: to ‘false’ in case you are not planning on using
[17:10:10] FATAL: SSL with this add-on.
[17:10:10] FATAL:
[17:10:10] FATAL: Check the add-on manual for more information.
[17:10:10] FATAL:
[cont-init.d] exited 1.
[cont-finish.d] executing container finish scripts…
[cont-finish.d] executing…

What do i need to do?

Fix the add-on config to NOT want to use SSL?

i could do that indeed, just read that too, but is that safe?
I thought SSL is an extra layer for protection…

If you want SSL then point it to a valid certificate…

If you trust your local network, and don’t forward ports to the controller, it’s safe to run without SSL

Where do i get such a ssl
i dont forward any ports i think

The duckdns add-on provides exactly that…but it seems you’re stepping out of your realm. Just turn off SSL for the add-on for now.

ok thx
Will see if it works

Question for the pihole addon
Do i still need to set the ipadress of pihole in my unifi usg to use that as dns server?

If you want all devices connected to your network to use pihole for DNS then yes, your router’s DNS server needs to point to your Pi’s IP address.

yes ok thx