Problems integrating Shelly1

Just started learning HA, which I have installed on a Raspberry Pi4. I have 2 Shelly1 switches – both can be reached and controlled via the Shelly cloud app with no problems. Device #1 is installed on a light switch, Device #2 is on my benchtop.

Using the HA integrations page I select Shelly and it asks me for a host name. If I type in shelly1-8caab5c4f5b5, or the equivalent name for the 2nd Shelly, they each come back as “fail to connect”. If I type in the IP address for the 1st device I also get “failed to connect” If I type in for the 2nd device I get back “The device is using an unsupported firmware version.” Ok, so at least it appears to be recognizing device #2.

When I look at each device using the Shelly mobile app they both say I need a firmware update. For Shelly device #1 the current firmware is 20200827-065344/v1.8.3@4a8bc427. And it says New Version available is: 20200827-065344/v1.8.3@4a8bc427. Yes, they are exactly the same, yet it continues to say I need an update. If I try updating I get back a “success” message, but nothing changes in the firmware listing, and it continues to say a firmware update is available.

For Shelly device #2 the current firmware is shown as 20200414-084414/??? Yes, just three ? marks after the forward slash. And it says that the New Version available is 20200827-065344/v1.8.3@4a8bc427. If I update, it says update successful, yet it continues to list my current firmware as shown above and it continues to say a firmware update is available.

Any ideas about what I might try next?

I should also mention that when I first got Device #1 it successfully integrated into HA while I had it on the benchtop. But after I installed it in an actual switch I had to change the WiFi credentials for the next nearest WiFi access point and I ended up rebooting the Shelly1 device. After reboot I could not re-integrate into HA. Thinking this was an HA problem and not knowing what else to do, I re-installed HA from the beginning on my Raspberry. This did not solve the problem.



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I’m in the same situation as the OP. My Shelly 1 devices are showing firmware version 20200414-084414/??? in the Shelly app, which also states there is no newer version available.

From all recommendations and great things I’ve heard about Shelly devices, I was expecting more.

Any luck with this? also just got my first Shelly 1 - and I also get unsupported firmware message trying to setup and integration…

All my 11 Shelly modules work perfectly fine with up-to-date firmwares. I’m using MQTT, not Shelly core integration, maybe the problem is there.

They all work fine now, unfortunately I am not sure exactly what I did. But one of my problems was with my network, not with Shelly. I had multiple routers running at different spots in my house, but they were each configured as “routers”, not as “access points”. This means each was creating its own network and there were duplicate IP addresses. The Shelly native protocol could find its way through this network from the cloud and I could control the device. This is perhaps because of the CoAP communications protocol it uses. However the Shelly was unable to communicate with Home Assistant, presumably because the IP addresses were all mixed up. This was all fixed when I changed my network to have one router and multiple downstream access points.

Same here, all good now. After some amount of time (12 hours or so?), the firmware update showed up as available within the Shelly app and I was able to update them. Once they were updated with new firmware, everything worked. No problems since.

My experience with the Shelly’s is that they function best with a static IP address. The best way to do this, is in your router by reserving a specific IP address to the Shelly’s MAC address. That specific IP address is then your host value for integration with Shelly.

Currently I am using dozens of Shelly’s in various shapes and forms. My installation procedure always is like this:

  • Install the Shellly physically and power it up
  • Connect to it wirelessly with your browser. A tablet works fine. Be sure that it stays on the network despite the fact that it has no internet connectivity.
  • Set the major configuration items (button behaviour, power-up behaviour) according to you wishes
  • Set it up as Wifi client to your network. That causes the connection to be dropped
  • Check your router for the new DHCP lease to this device
  • Change it to a static IP address in the router. Don’t forget that it will only get that second IP once it renews the DHCP lease, e.g. on a reboot
  • Connect with your browser to the device using its new IP address, most likely still the dynamic one
  • If all goes well, it now also checks for a new firmware and you should be able to upgrade it
  • Do the upgrade. Once done, it reboots and should get its IP address you specified in your router as the static one
  • Now the device is ready to be integrated into Home Assistant using the Shelly integration.

Good luck!