Problems setting up remote_rpi_gpio integration

Hey all!
Today I tried to setup the remote_rpi_gpio integration and hit a wall.
I followed the official documentation and I can’t figure it out why it is not working…

My current setup is:

  • Running HassOS on a RPi 4B
  • Trying to control a RPi 3B+ GPIOs remotely (it is running OctoPi) - basically I want to control my 3d printer light which is controled via GPIO - I ensured that it accepts remote connections on port 8888, which I tested from my personal machine.

My HA versions:

  • core-2021.11.5
  • supervisor-2021.10.8
  • Home Assistant OS 6.6

At first, I setup up the host using the DNS hostname of my remote RPi, which gave me an instant error upon reloading HA… I then switch to the corresponding ip-address and the error was gone, but unfortunately, the switch is still nowhere to be found…

I already dived through the HA logs (grep -i gpio), and I cannot find a single error regarding this integration…

My current configuration:

  - platform: remote_rpi_gpio
      23: 3D Printer Light

I appreciate any help on this one!
Thank you!

After lots of restarts and draining all my patience I gave up…
To my surprise, I just checked (like right now) my HA entities, and the damn switch appeared and it is working…

I don’t know what happened - I assure you that I did not do a thing in the last 8-10 hours - I was not even at home!
It’s just odd, because I did tons of restarts between my configuration changes to no avail…

So to anyone who finds this post, just give it some time and it will eventually show up…