Problems to build the sentence correct to get understood

So I installed an m5 stack echo and set pipeline to Bulgarian to be used by my wife. I use one in German because I do not spell Bulgarian but want her to be able to talk to the house in her language.

So we tried different things like „turn on/off light“ like in German it did not work. Same work setting cover position.

So I tried creating an automation to toggle the tv, config bg and de sentences with related answers and works great. No problems in understanding. So pipeline is set correct.

I checked the debug and the understood text is exactly what she said but it did not work. So we tried to understand the GitHub page with the different sentences, with no luck.

How to proceed to understand what the sentence should look like? Or to check if the structure is maybe bed or buggy?

For example, we tried now latest this one to turn on lights in bedroom. I added an alias in Bulgarian language to bedroom area.

светни светлин Спалня

From what I see the structure is exactly what is written here

Is there anyway to run a script that builds all possible sentences for example for light on?

I’m not sure, that I get you right, but I’ll try. :slight_smile:

These sentences (in BG) from this file

language: bg
      - sentences:
          - "<turn_on> [<all>] <lights> <area>"
          - "<turn_on> [<all>] <area> <lights>"
          domain: "light"
        response: "lights_area"

have some kind of placeholders in them, they are explained here:

To see, what these placeholders actually are, you can look into the test folder on Github. The example with the lights from above is here:

language: bg
  - sentences:
      - включи лампата в кухнята
      - пусни лампите в кухнята
      - светни осветлението в кухнята
      - включи всичките лампи в кухнята
      - запали всяка кухненска лампа
      - запали кухненското осветление
      name: HassTurnOn
        domain: light
          - кухнята
          - кухня
          - кухненска
          - кухненската
          - кухненски
          - кухненския
          - кухненският
          - кухненското
          - кухненските
  - sentences:
      - включи лампата на терасата
      - пусни осветлението на терасата
      - светни всички лампи на терасата
      name: HassTurnOn
        domain: light
          - терасата
          - тераса
          - верандата
          - веранда

Hope I guessed at least a little right and that helps you, to get Bulgarian running. :slight_smile:

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The test folder was exactly what I was looking for. Thx

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