Problems to connect Growatt inverter with Eastron smart meter

Hi folks,
I have a Growatt MIN 5000TL-X. Now I want to set up export limitation. For that I installed an Eastron SDM230 MODBUS smart meter.
As written in the manual I connected PIN 5 and 6 at the meter with PIN 7 and 8 at the inverter. I used one pair of a CAT 5 cable. But the inverter doesn’t communicate with the meter. Any ideas what is wrong?

Thank you very much in advance :smiley:

Hello. Pins are the same in both connectors (5-6). A telephone symbol appears in the meter.

did you get any solution with this? have the same issue with a growatt TL3-S and a growatt TPM

don’t get any phone symbol:(/

Hello, very soon going to be installing a GROWATT inverter and a SDM230.

Im kinda confused on why they say the GRID has to be connected to the Lout, shouldnt the GRID be in Lin?

Did you ever solve this issue with the SDM230 Modbus meter ?

How did it turns out with your confusion ?
L-out & N-out goes to the GRID.
L-in & N-in goes to your local circuit.