Problems using automation choose with time trigger

I’m trying to combine a couple of automations that are based on hardcoded times:

  - id: sonos_door_and_windows_triggers_autodisable
    alias: Sonos Door and Window Triggers AutoDisable
    initial_state: true
      - platform: time
        at: '06:51:00'
      - platform: time
        at: '07:30:00'
      - condition: time
          - mon
          - tue
          - wed
          - thu
          - fri
          - sat
          - sun
      - choose:
          - conditions:
              - condition: template
                value_template: "{{ == '06:51:00' }}"
              - service: automation.turn_off
                entity_id: automation.sonos_alert_on_door_triggers, automation.sonos_alert_on_window_triggers, automation.sonos_alert_on_exterior_doors_stuck_open
              - service: climate.turn_off
                entity_id: climate.hallway
          - conditions:
              - condition: template
                value_template: "{{ == '07:30:00' }}"
              - service: automation.turn_on
                entity_id: automation.sonos_alert_on_door_triggers, automation.sonos_alert_on_window_triggers, automation.sonos_alert_on_exterior_doors_stuck_open
          - service: notify.vapid
              message: "Sonos autodisable is on but landed in default anyway. {{ states('sensor.time') }}"
              title: Sonos Autodisable
                tag: sonos_autodisable

Every time it runs, I end up in the default clause. I tried to put the into the default message that gets sent to me but it errored out saying that the trigger object was undefined in the log files when the automation triggered.

When I ran it like it is defined, the message I got on my phone said 06:50! I might have expected a time after the trigger but before??

I also tried using value_templates without seconds and I still landed on the default clause:
value_template: "{{ == '07:30' }}"

Is there a way to use the new automation choose with a time trigger?

So unfortunately working with times like this can be a little tricky. However, if you replace your template conditions with this you should be good:

"{{ now().hour == 6 }}"

Naturally, use 7 for the other template condition. Also, you can remove your time condition. If you have time triggers with no time condition for days, it will trigger every day. Oh, and if you’re on 0.114+ you can replace the time trigger with this:

      - platform: time
          - '06:51:00'
          - '07:30:00'

Edit: alternatively, you could use time conditions with the chooser like this:

condition: time
before: '06:52:00'

Time Trigger also provides so you can check if == 6 but, frankly, it amounts to the same thing as Tediore’s suggestion to use now().hour == 6.

Thanks guys, that did it!