Problems with entity id's and state change

Hello everyone. I hope I’m in the right place. I’m new here and have limited knowledge of programming, so I need your help.
I have the following problem:
This code is accepted and actually executed.

  • device_id: 2e0d0d3d71e2d685c29d4f2865dbe1d3
    domain: number
    entity_id: 6a06044cb75469ef124114ef0216b794
    type: set_value
    value: 14

This code is accepted as executed indicated in Home Assistant, but the state of the entity does not change.

  - service: input_number.set_value
      entity_id: number.balkon_limit_nonpersistent_absolute
      value: 14

entity_id: 6a06044cb75469ef124114ef0216b794 = entity_id: number.balkon_limit_nonpersistent_absolute. One is self-written, the other generated by Home Assistant. Why is that so? By the way, if I switch the entities from entity_id: 6a06044cb75469ef124114ef0216b794 to entity_id: number.balkon_limit_nonpersistent_absolute, neither one nor the other works

The value 14 should be replaced by a variable. And as far as I know, that wouldn’t work in the first example, right?

Thats why i need the second solution or something like that.
Thank you very much already.

Because the service call you’re using (input_number.set_value) is for changing the value of an Input Number entity but you have specified a Number entity (number.balkon_limit_nonpersistent_absolute).

There’s a different service call for Number entities (number.set_value).

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Such a quick and perfect answer. Thank you.

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You’re welcome!

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