Problems with GLEDOPTO Device dropping off network

HI have a problem with one GLEDOPTO RGB controller device continually dropping off the ZHA Zigbee network. What happens it will periodically join, report that it has good LQI/RSSI then disappear again - becomming uncontrollable. At some point (typically 15 mins to 30 mins) it will join again, update it’s status and report good LQI/RSSI agian, then within a few seconds dissapear again.

The majority of the time it will report 0/0 in the ZHA zigbee map, but when it comes back to life it will report good network statuses again.



Any ideas on how to diagnose this?

I have bought the RGB+CCT one two years ago and also found it dropped off the network sometimes. I replaced it with the new mini version and it has been much better.

How incredibly embarrassing, after several hours of trying to diagnose and fix this problem, I realised I had wired the GLEDOPTO controller on the switched side of a motion activated lighting circuit, so whenever I was around the device it would miraculously work and whenever I moved away it stopped working (because the power switched off!).

Lesson learned, start with the fricking obvious.

:slight_smile: That’s not nearly as embarrassing as the time I set all of my in-wall z-wave switches to have 0 for their energy reporting time. The instructions said it would disable energy reporting, but it did not, and completely flooded the network so I couldn’t even send them a command to change it back. I had to shut off power to all but one part of my house and then wait for those devices to get back on the network and change them back…

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