Problems with hassio_dns

I’ve a big problem with docker container hassio_dns: sometimes, it starts to consume almost all available cpu (so 600-700% of cpu usage). In general, its RAM usage is pretty high (1.5 - 1.7 GiB), same for network (500Kb/s).

I had already this problem one month ago, solved by uninstalling hassio, erasing its files and erasing docker images/container. I only saved configuration.yaml and its derivative. I didn’t touched other files than these *.yaml (so I didn’t configured hassio_dns in any way)

Now I got again same problem, without any update.

Does exists any common troubleshooting?

I run hassio with docker on an Intel nuc, with also esp_home, glances, logviewer, vscode and chrony.

Thank you for your help