Problems with hassos 3.9 on tinkerboard?

Anyone having hassos 3.9 running OK on tinkerboard?

I was on 3.7, updated to 3.9 at the same time as updating to 0.105.2. System went crazy. Home assistans throwing all kind of errors. Thougt it was 0.105.2 problems, but now suspecting 3.9.
Plugged in a screen - some errors including “recursive errors”, paging errors and kernel panic. Downgraded to 3.7. Now only Tellstick errors on reboot, but fine efter restart of home assistans. Otherwise it seems stable.

No issue here. I have a tinker board S. Maybe your SD card?

Also S. Maybe I’ll try another update.

I’m running on a tinkerboard s, fully updated everything yesterday and no issues since. I use the internal 16gb storage. In the early days I was running too many hassio add-ons and maxing out the cpu and running at a high temperature which was causing issues like you describe; these days I typically see cpu usage no higher than 15% or temperatures above 45 degrees and it is rock solid stable.

Any pointers on how to measure CPU-temp? CPU load around 7%. Some spikes during start. (Running Hassos 3.7)

Tried 3.9 again… Not working. First boot, same errors as before. I guess I will stay om 3.7 for now.

Updated to 3.10. Still not stable, looks like high CPU usage causing the problem through high temperature. This during start up.

Removed conbee, z-wave stick, Tellstick duo. Rebooted with lots of errors. Put all 3 back, rebooted. Now stable. Go figure.

Edit: reboot and problem back again. Back to 3.7.

Add the following to sensors.yaml to measure the CPU temperature:

- platform: command_line
  name: CPU Temperature
  command: "cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone1/temp"     # tinkerboard: zone1 for cpu, zone2 for gpu, zone0 if using pi
  unit_of_measurement: "°C"
  value_template: '{{ value | multiply(0.001) | round(2) }}'

I’m not sure why you’re seeing high temperatures all of a sudden. I’m still on 0.105.2 (0.105.3 is available) and supervisor 3.9 (3.10 is available). I won’t update for now. Reboots and HASSIO upgrades will usually cause a temporary temperature spike but nothing serious. You should be seeing idle temperatures of 45 degrees or thereabouts (using sensor above); are you sure the heatsink is properly in place and not dislodged or anything? I took the top off my aluminium case last year and it helped reduce temperatures. I tried an active fan, which massively reduced temperatures, but it was noisy and I didn’t feel it was that necessary for running Home Assistant.

Thanks. The puzzle, for me atleast, is that 3.7 is stable and later versions messes things up. I’ll dig into it when I get time for it.

Maybe the same problem to me. My Hassio is on Raspberry Pi 3B and I have several problems with high cpu and high memory use since some weeks ago after updating to 3.9 as well that makes system was not responding when in high load. Trying now again with 3.7.

With 3.11 my system is stable again.