Problems with latest homeassistant image and zwave

I have set up Homeassistant via Docker on a Raspberry Pi 4.
From docker-compose.yaml```
This works : 

container_name: homeassistant
**image: "homeassistant/home-assistant:2023.8"**
container_name: zwave-js-ui
image: zwavejs/zwave-js-ui:latest

If I choose the latest image : 
image: "homeassistant/home-assistant:latest"

Z-wave no longer works : Newer version of Z-wave JS Server is required

Screenshot from 2023-10-18 08-33-08

Any idea ?

You need to pull the zwave-js-ui image to download it so that it you are running a version that is compatible with Home Assistant, e.g. docker compose pull and then docker compose up -d. Be sure to read the breaking change release notes whenever you upgrade HA.

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I deleted the old zwave-js-ui image and then docker compose downloaded a fresh image with the right ui- and server- version. Thank you!