Problems with Samba

Not to far into Home Assistant yet, but from what I have done so far it is really awesome!
I’m having problems installing Samba. I copied the configuration from here and changed the home assistant path, netbios name, and created a samba user but I still am not able to connect from windows. It will try to connect for a while and then I will eventually get a “Cannot connect to \HASSBIAN” message. I have tried everything I have read on here and nothing seems to be working.
Thanks for all the help in advance!

@Carter.Koopa The easiest way to get SAMBA setup with Hasbian, is to use the built-in installer script.It sets up everything for you and it works once completed. There is nothing for you to configure. You may need to remove your install before running the script

Ok, I have gotten further, but it still isn’t fully working. I can see the homepi folder but not the home assistant folder.

Paste in your SMB.conf file…