Problems with Spotify Integration

When updating to the latest HA version (2022.8.4) I received error message:

The ‘spotify’ option near /config/configuration.yaml:1 has been removed, please remove it from your configuration

OK … I remove the 3 lines from /config/configuration.yaml

client_id: !secret homeassistant_client_id
client_secret: !secret homeassistant_client_secret

and followed guidelines (1-9) in Spotify - Home Assistant

In Configuration section in guideline it tells me that Spotify can be auto-discovered by Home Assistant and it was in “Discovered”
Selected it resulted in error message:

INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI,user-read-playback-state,user-read-private,playlist-read-private,playlist-read-collaborative,user-library-read,user-top-read,user-read-playback-position,user-read-recently-played,user-follow-read

I have Home Assistant Operating System (image) installed on Raspi.
Where have I missed?


Same problem here!!!

Same problem. On x86-64

I installed this integration and it failed with ‘Invalid redirect URI’. Anyone get this working?