Problems with the display of daily energy consumption

Hello everyone,
I have a question. I have set up the PV system and the storage system in the Home Assistant energy dashboard. This also works so far, but what I consider to be fundamentally wrong is that Home Assistant displays the storage consumption as PV generation. For example, at night, I consume 10 KW from the storage system, then Home Assistant counts this as 10KW from the storage system for daytime consumption and adds another 10KW for the same period as consumed PV energy. This can never result in correct values. How can I get Home Assistant to understand that storage is storage and PV generation is PV generation and not mix the two?

As an addendum, I have a Solaredge system and get data via Modbus. So Battery Import and Battery Export are correctly stored in the Energy Dashboard. The data is also correct, the only problem is that Home Assistant adds the values together, which is nonsense.

Is there really no one here who has an idea how to turn off this completely nonsensical behavior in Home Assistant? It’s obviously a bug in Home Assistant as the data itself is absolutely correct. What sense does it make to show the consumption of battery energy as consumption and the same consumption again as PV energy used? If I display such incorrect data, I can actually forget about displaying the entire data because it is simply nonsense.