Problems with the SolarWeb/Fronius integration (most likely since last update)

First up… I am not 100% sure when I updated to the latest HA Version. But since 4 days, my solar-web integration is not working as expected any more.

So this is how my energy-dashboard looked until March 9th:

And ever since March 10th, somewhen around the start of the day, my energy-consumption is just reported as Solar-Production:

The entity that I am using for energy-consumption from the grid is: sensor.smart_meter_63a_energy_real_consumed. So the one from my fronius smart-meter.

Was there any change inside that last update about that? I could not see anything regarding SolarWeb/Fronius ect.

Ah… yes… I have a Fronius Symo Gen24 Inverter and am using the Fronius integration.
Just tell me what more information you need, and I’ll be happy to look it up.

Hi :wave:!
There haven’t been any noticeable changes to the Fronius integration for a long time.

Looking at your chart, it seems there is no grid export entity configured (or a wrong one). Id check that first.

PS: you are not using a SolarWeb integration. That’s Fronius cloud service. The Fronius integration shipped with core is purely local. (There’s a custom component available using SolarWeb).

It seems as if it was just a coincidence. After I restarted my Fronius Inverter the data was being sent again. Unfortionally it then all counted towards that ONE day which messed up my stats, but at least I get data now again.