Problems with Tuya Climate Control

Hello! I am having a few issues using a Tuya Heater (Eurom Alutherm 2000 WiFi) in Home Assistant and over Google Home (via Nabu Casa).

Issue 1
The only operation mode in Home Assistant is Off while there obviously is also “heat”.

Issue 2
Service climate.turn_on does not work, at all.
Service climate.turn_off toggles the device between on and off instead of just turning it off.

Issue 3
Device is not controllable using Nabu Casa. Yes I did the integration correctly.
This is also the screen even when it is on.

I also reported this on the GitHub.

Thank you all in advance!

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Hi Mate, I’m seeing the same symptoms with a Kogan Portable Aircon. I’ve gout it configured in Tuya, it works perfectly in the App, But it seems the Modes reported to HA is just “off”

anyone got any idea’s?


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Also having exactly the same issue with a Kogan unit I just picked up :frowning: Thermostat card works for temperature adjustment but having the issue with only ‘Off’ being available in states, and the climate.turn_on not working but climate.turn_off being a power toggle.

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Jumping in with the same issue but no help I’m afraid:

HA cannot see/control several features working in TuyaSmart; Current temp, target temp, aircon/fan/dehumidify/heat modes, timer and schedule. I’m not particularly concerned about timer or schedule, but would really like to get the other features integrated with HA.

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Same issue here…pity. Seems like a good unit but I can control it with Alexa to come on and off.

Same issue here. Would be great to at least power on and off the device…

Now that you mention it, a week or two ago my aircon stopped responding to on/off commands, which had been fine before. Haven’t had a chance to try re-pairing or other troubleshooting just yet due to analog life but I hope support isn’t regressing T_T

I have a workaround to that.

I can turn off the heater with a smart plug… ok!

To turn on, i have the smart plug turning on… ok!
Then, i have 2 options and i’m testing the better solution but both works:

  • You can create a delay, until the heater refreshs the state in HA. I’m using 10 minutes, but sometimes it’s not enough. But after the delay you can call the service to set hvac mode;
  • Or you cancreate an automation with a simple pattern time recurrent to check if the state of the Heater is already “off”. If the state is off, it means, that the plug is turned on and the heater already booted and is connected to HA. Then you just simple call the service. This automation is also triggered off and on with the smart plug connected to the heater! :slight_smile:
service: climate.set_hvac_mode
  hvac_mode: heat
entity_id: climate.your_entity

Other curiosity… When the heater is on, it shows unknown as state… When it’s off it shows off…

Setting hvac_mode to heat just change turn it on and set it to confort mode, but its enough in my proper case!

Hope it helps!

I solved the issue with switching the climate control on/off by adding a second localtuya device as switch. I cannot control it from the control showing the temperature but as a secondary on/off button on the same device.