Problems with Verisure integration while 2FA activated

Hello, my first message here, even if I’m using HA since now some months.

I’ve a Verisure alarm, that I integrated into HA with the official Verisure integration. It is working quite well since the beginning, but sometimes the integration was requiring me to be reconfigured. I only had to provide my Verisure login/password, and also the 6 digit verification code which was sent to me via SMS (I’ve activated the 2FA on Verisure). Since the first day, I’m always getting an error message, at the end of the process, when I provide the verification code: “Invalid authentication”. But after a reboot of my HA, it was OK, everything was back to normal.

But since today, Verisure is continuously asking me to be reconfigured, and reboots are not solving the issue.

Who can help me ?

Thanks a lot in advance,

I checked in the logs of HA and here is what I found:

Logger: homeassistant.config_entries
First occurred: 10:50:55 (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 10:50:55

Config entry XXX for verisure integration could not authenticate: Credentials expired for Verisure

Just to keep you posted: the only solution I found so far is to deactivate the 2FA on Verisure side :frowning:

That does not seem to help either. Talked to verisure and they seemed to actively discourage from using home assistant.