Problems with Weinzierl KNX IP Interface after HA upgrade to 2023.07.1


After upgrading HA to 2023.07.1 and HA Operating system to 10.3, I lost connectivity to my KNX IP tunneling interface Weinzierl KNX IP 731.

Any idea how to configure connectivity after the upgrade would be appreciated?

All LEDs on IP interface are green. I can see interface on the router too.


Hi :wave:!
A little bit more information would be helpful. Like what was your previous version and are there any log messages.
Also are there any other tools using the interface?

Hi farmio,

At the end it was networking issue. I had rogue network device that was connected about the same time as when HA upgrade was released. After removing it from the network, everything works as expected.

Many thanks!!

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