Problems withe Sonoff RF Bridge and HA

Hi all.

Dont know if this is the right place to post this. But I have just set up af tasmotized RF-Bridge form sonoff to control my diy Home Alarm System. Im using Xiaomi Aqara System with Xiaomi Sensors for the doors and Motion detectors - also from Xiaomi.

I mirror all the system directly to HomeKit so I can control it by my Home App. Works great.

But I use the RF bridge together with a 433 mhm Key-Remote control.

When I set it up I get these results in the tasmota console log.

07:34:37 MQT: tele/sonoffbridge/RESULT = {“RfReceived”:{“Sync”:13610,“Low”:440,“High”:1300,“Data”:“F5700C”,“RfKey”:1}} THIS IS FOR THE OFF STATE

07:35:08 MQT: tele/sonoffbridge/RESULT = {“RfReceived”:{“Sync”:13580,“Low”:440,“High”:1310,“Data”:“F570C0”,“RfKey”:2}} THIS IS FOR THE ON STATE

I then use this code in HA for the binary sensor:

  • platform: mqtt
    name: “Alarm Fjernbetjening”
    state_topic: “tele/sonoffbridge/RESULT”
    value_template: ‘{{value_json.RfReceived.Data}}’
    payload_on: “F570C0”
    payload_off: “F5700C”
    device_class: opening
    optimistic: false
    qos: 1
    retain: false

It works great for switching on and off the alarm. BUT - I get this error in the Home Assistant Log and can’t figure out why:

018-08-10 13:59:50 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.binary_sensor.mqtt] No matching payload found for entity: Alarm Fjernbetjening with state_topic: tele/sonoffbridge/RESULT

Any clue on why this error is coming?

Best regards.


did u get it running ?

This is due to a change in the MQTT codebase made in Jan 2018.

It’s safe to ignore this warning.

It may be that we can ignore this warning.

But I would very much like to avoid a warning that repeats itself 1000s of times every day. The warning is generated each time the Sonoff RF Bridge receives any message from any 433 MHz RF device that it can recognise. This includes by neighbors temperature sensors and his door bell etc etc. I get approx 1000 of these warnings in my log in 24 hours. I know it does not harm but it floods the logs so it gets harder to catch the real problems.

Using a Sonoff RF bridge with Tasmota means receiving all messages via the same MQTT channel and I cannot see a way to change that in Tasmota. I cannot see how I could get the code part of the channel name. I have looked at the Tasmota documentation and I cannot see any macro I can put in the MQTT topic name that reflects the RF payload. The code is embedded in the JSON payload - the topic is always the same.

I have defined 2 RF door sensors and 2 motion sensors. In a few weeks when more devices arrive then I will have 9 door/window sensors and 5 motion sensors. Then each time my neighbours device sends a periodic value I get 14 warnings in my log. Each time I walk around my house triggering the motion sensor the 9 door/window devices in HA will deliver another 9 warnings. I will soon have 10000 or 20000 warnings per day - all because HA insists on warning be of something that is normal and harmless.

Maybe there is some geek work around to define the sensor but defining an binary sensor with a simple yaml definition like this should work without a flood of warnings

- platform: mqtt
  name: "Front Door RF"
  payload_on: "FE3A0A"
  payload_off: "FE3A0E"
  device_class: door
  state_topic: "tele/sonoffbridge/RESULT"
  value_template: "{{ value_json.RfReceived.Data }}"

Any workarounds while we wait for programmer to accept that this is not so smart?