Product advice: Radiator Trv , ext. sensor, valve position etc

Good morning.

Looking for some product advice. Looking for a radiator trv and external sensor to control my radiators and floor heating.

Do you know of any products that can do this. Anything you are using that you can recommend.

I’ve tried to find the info in the forum and googled but haven’t found anything conclusive that I could work with, only partial answers. If you know of any post that I missed, please kick me in the right direction. I might be asking too much, but I would like to have these features.

Would like the trv to be/have the possibility:

*Use external sensor.

*Control both radiators and underfloor heating (water)

*Read valve position (not only opened or closed)

*be “Standalone”. External sensor should talk “directly” to the trv. I would like to be able to set temperature and read temp, valve position and general data from the system in HA but it should be able to work with me building minimal (preferably no) automations.

Using ZHA with a Conbee2 ZigBee stick but i can look into other directions as well if needed. The heater is a on/off heat pump (Thermia diplomat TWS).

Thank you.

So any update on this?, I have the same question

i did get a recommendation on the danfoss ally trv and schneider wiser trv but i have not bought anything to test. one comment one did was that zigbee2mqtt might have access to more data from the trv:s. im going t try with zha.


Before I had floor heating, I had also radiator valves with batteries. If you have them on radiators spread in the house, that’s something acceptable.

But for heating I really don’t want them with batteries.